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The Event Junkies duo: Annie Oxborough and Freddie Swanepoel is a force to be reckoned with. The Junkie's combined capabilities mean they can pull together the seemingly impossible with flair and grace.

 Excelling in personalising each event down to the very last detail. The result is, you get to enjoy the party. 

With their connections and a broader network across the country, these Junkies will meet every element on your checklist, from transport, food, drink, photography, stage design, staffing, and venue dressing - matching your budget and desires.

These Event specialists can put together anything from a dream wedding to a concert.  

"Our main focus is to deliver an exceptional event to each and everyone we work with, the reason our clients come back for more, Event Junkies says it all."

If you've started thinking about the Wedding, the Christmas Party, the Birthday, the Launch, the Lunch, the Reunion, the Corporate event or the celebration of YOU – Check out the 'Helping Hand' packages on the website and contact one of our Junkies today for your event fix.


Telephone: +64 21 0460 626

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