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When Robyn isn’t on location for her wedding parties, she is at work in her boutique salon Inspired Hair, prepping clients and brides with the perfect cut and colour in preparation for their big day. 


With many seasons of experience in the wedding industry, Robyn has gained a wealth of experience and great advice to share with her brides. Robyn loves the atmosphere of a wedding day and is rewarded with the different experiences that each day brings; “It’s always such a great feeling to see a bride overjoyed by how she looks when it all comes together.” Inspired Hair by Robyn Munro, is a progressive hairdressing business, with the service extending into the training of other professionals, in the art of special occasion hair; making sure that her brides have peace of mind knowing that their hair professional, is one of the best in the industry. Robyn is also happy to coordinate the perfect makeup artist and accessories for your final ensemble.​


Telephone: 021 931 810

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