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Mildred&Co is a lovingly curated online store with beautiful gifts for the home and beyond.


Your wedding is one of the most significant occasions in your life. Steeped in tradition it includes so many memorable moments, included in this is the tradition of giving gifts.


Traditionally these gifts have been to help the newly married couple set up home; now most couples have already lived together and accumulated many of the necessities. But here’s your chance to upgrade and get better-quality kitchen accessories, tableware, glasses and homewares. Or perhaps you would like to make your registry unique with a gift of art, travel or furniture. Our popular contribution feature allows guests to chip in towards the larger priced items.


At Mildred&Co we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service. We help you create your dream gift list of items that you will cherish forever. Equally we are on hand to help your guests through the purchase process.


Gifts to remind you of the moment, to cherish, to build your home with.


Contact us today on or 09 418 0003 and start creating your dream gift registry.


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