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Whether it’s a large or an intimate affair, a wedding is a heady mix of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, mixed with a cocktail of family and friends who help turn it into being a whole bunch of love and laughter!

Ultimately though, it’s about two people who are expressing and committing their love for each other. 

It’s a huge privilege to be a celebrant and my ‘job’ is to help make the main event uniquely about you. 

My aim always is to craft and create a ceremony that reflects the very essence of who you both are. To calm nerves, to harness the importance of the occasion, and to ensure all your special guests are included and engaged to witness the awesomeness of the commitment you make to each other. 

I bring some unique life experiences into the mix. Never dull, I am a vibrant adventurous soul who relishes life and all it has to offer. 

It would be my absolute pleasure to help make your day sincerely memorable!

M: 021 340 654


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